Stage Three SU600

600 miles from Washington to Syracuse University

The final stage of the challenge will see the team of five cyclists from Lockerbie will fly to Arlington Cemetery, Washington DC and cycle nearly 600 miles, through Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York across seven days, to arrive in time for the annual Remembrance Convocation, held at Syracuse University to honour the 35 students from the institution who were killed in 1988.

The full cycle route details are listed below however please not:
  • timings are based on a 15 mph average speed from the start time each day
  • average speeds may vary depending on weather conditions
  • The route may be subject to local changes depending on road conditions at the time.
  • Live tracking facility can be subject to local network conditions

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Day OneWashington to Sandy Cove

Friday 26th October - Cycle ride begins

Start at Lockerbie Memorial Cairn at Arlington National Cemetery at 8am and cycle 104 to Sandy Cove, Maryland. (estimated finish time 1800hrs)

You can view our route on Garmin Connect

Day Two - Sandy Cove to Philadelphia

Saturday 27th October

Starting at Sandy Cove, Maryland the team will cycle 64 miles to the Liberty Bell, Philadelphia (Starting at 8am, estimated finish time approx 1:30pm)

Day 2 Route can be viewed on Garmin Connect here

Day ThreePhiladelphia to Manhattan

Sunday 28th October

Day three will see the team cover 114 miles, cycling from Philadelphia to Manhattan. The team will leave Philadelphia around 6am and should arrive in Central Park around 4:30pm.

Day 3 Route can be viewed on Garmin Connect here

Rest Day - Manhattan

Monday 29th October


The team will visit the 9/11 memorial and meeting with British Consulate.


Day FourNew York City to Kinderhook

Tuesday 30th October

Day four of cycling will see the team cover 138 miles, cycling from New York to Kinderhook. The team will leave around 7am and should arrive in Kinderhook around 7pm.

Day 4 Route can be viewed on Garmin Connect here

Day Five - Kinderhook to Utica

Wednesday 31st October

Starting at Kinderhook, NY the team will cycle 129 miles to Utica (Starting at 7am, estimated finish time approx 6pm)

Day 5 Route map can be viewed on Garmin Connect here

Day SixMarcy to Syracuse University

Thursday 1st November

Day six of cycling will see the team cover the final 52 miles arriving at Syracuse mid afternoon.

Day 6 Route can be viewed on Garmin Connect here